Best tips for helping your child with math!

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Best tips for helping your child with math

Doing math homework is sometimes challenging not only for children but for their parents as well. However, if a child asks us for help, we must respond. How can you help if you finished school twenty years ago and remember nothing from the math course? Here
we offer several tips for making it easier for you.

Tip 1: Make a Schedule

Setting specific timing when doing homework with elementary students is crucially important. They must be aware of this time and be prepared. One should comply with this rule not only when doing math homework, but homework on other disciplines as well. Its duration should not exceed half-time spent in class – around 20-25 minutes. A child will be more alert and concentrated if he/she had enough rest after school lessons and ate well.


Boy incorrectly decisive simple mathematical example


Tip 2: Avoid Doing Homework Instead of Your Child

Some parents are tempted to complete math homework instead of their children for saving time. However, this will do more harm than good. It would be better to ask your child whether he/she understands what the initial problem is. Experiences have shown that in 90% of all cases children merely don’t understand the problem. If the problem is clarified, but your child can’t extract the meaning from your explanations, write a note to your child’s teacher asking him/her to provide an explanation in class.

Tip 3: Respect Math Program and Demonstrate It

The majority of parents are not professors. Only a few of them are doing great in this discipline. However, showing that you value the program will help to develop respect to math in your children. As a rule, children copy the actions of their parents. By showing respect you can encourage them to learn this discipline in-depth. You can also show your interest and practice math when you both have some free time: on your way to school or
coming back after classes. It’s also important to create a positive atmosphere around math at home and school. Maybe you will need to talk about it with your child’s teacher. Math homework help must not be only homework help, it should rather be an object of interest.

Tip 4: Talk to Your Child’s Teacher Regularly

By building relationships with your child’s teacher you will be able to control your child’s knowledge and directly ask for help if needed. It would be great if you meet with the math teacher at least three times per the semester to ensure better classroom connection.

Tip 5: Find Math Homework Help Online

You can find math homework online if you failed to solve the problem independently. Parents who solved the same math tasks before often place their solutions online. So, you can browse the internet and find a solution of your task if you tried to solve the problem during five hours without success. However, don’t overuse this tip as it can become a bad habit with time. We hope you find our tips useful and now you can help your child to get better grades on math.