Get your pupils writing French phrases!

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The KS2 Programme of Study for foreign languages provides a skeleton outline of what needs to be taught at KS2. This is great if you are a language specialist

as you can see straight away how you might develop ‘write phrases from memory, and adapt these to create new sentences, to express ideas clearly’ into a four-year scheme of work.

A language specialist would realise you need to start with copying simple words, then move on to writing simple sentences following a model, eventually building up to writing short paragraphs with a range of grammatical features – and be able to think of activities to teach at each of these stages.

However, for the non-specialist teacher the Programme of Study can seem daunting.

This is why we developed Assessing Primary Languages which not only breaks down the Programme of Study into manageable chunks, but also provides a wealth of activities to teach at each level. For more information –

We are giving away a free PowerPoint from the book for you to try (teacher’s notes are included). Use the free PowerPoint to see how the theme of clothing can be used to develop pupils’ writing.

Request your FREE PowerPoint and get your pupils writing French phrases!

Assessing Primary Languages not only interprets the requirements of the KS2 Programme of Study but also provides a framework to help you measure pupils’ progress.

Classroom teachers and subject leaders will find this resource invaluable, not least because the tried and tested framework is a rigorous tool which can be used for planning, but also because teachers are given help with deciding what ʻsubstantial progressʼ actually looks like.

The framework is clearly laid out and breaks the Programme of Study into smaller areas which are then cross-referenced across four stages, so the task of assessing all aspects of the Programme of Study has never been easier.

Assessing Primary Languages also contains a large number of creative and adaptable ready-to-use activities, including those which can be used to support you with measuring your pupils’ progress for each area and at each stage.

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